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( 1,25 €/puh +1,00 €/min +pvm )

OTAXI is the reliable and legit taxi of Northern Ostrobothnia (including Alavieska, Haapajärvi, Haapavesi, Hailuoto, Haukipudas, Ii, Kalajoki, Kempele, Kiiminki, Kuusamo & Ruka, Kärsämäki, Liminka, Lumijoki, Merijärvi, Muhos, Nivala, Oulainen, Oulu, Oulunsalo, Pudasjärvi, Pyhäjoki, Pyhäjärvi, Pyhäntä, Raahe, Reisjärvi, Ruukki, Sievi, Siikajoki, Siikalatva, Taivalkoski, Tyrnävä, Utajärvi, Vaala, Vihanti, Ylivieska and Yli-Ii). We offer 24/7 service, all year round. With 600 cars and roughly a thousand drivers we are able to provide comprehensive services around the area. We are happy to serve you in Finnish, English and Swedish.


Base fee

Weekdays 6 AM–8 PM
Saturdays and the eves of holidays 6 AM-4 PM

5,90 €

On all the other times (when the sign light is on)

9,90 €

Travel fees


(1-2 passengers)

1,60 €/km

(3-4 passengers)

1,91 €

(5-6 passengers)

2,07 €/km

(7-8 passengers)

2,23 €/km

Pre-order surcharge

Must be ordered at least 30 minutes before the departure time indicated by the customer.

max. 7,10 €

Large goods and pets surcharge

For especially large objects and pets.

max. 2,80 €

Assistance surcharge

If the transportation of a customer requires a vehicle equipped with accessories for the disabled.

max. 15,70 €

Under 12 year old

Under 12 year old child does not count as passenger, two under 12 year olds counts as one (1) passenger.

Stairs assistance surcharge

If the customer is assisted in stairs manually or with the help of a stair climber.

max. 31,40 €

Waiting fee

When waiting for customer or travelling really slow speed in traffic.

47,04 € / hour

Pohjanmaan Taksi Oy

Rantakatu 8 A
92100 Raahe