Taxi order, Ostrobothnia

You may call a taxi directly from the local taxi center and get professional service right from the beginning.

If there are any additional requests or questins, you can send an e-mail to us at

Direct phone number +358 100 3020 is for a local taxi in…

  • Alavieska
  • Haapajärvi
  • Haapavesi
  • Hailuoto
  • Ii
  • Kalajoki
  • Kärsämäki
  • Merijärvi
  • Nivala
  • Oulainen
  • Pyhäjoki
  • Pyhäjärvi
  • Pyhäntä
  • Siikalatva
  • Raahe
  • Reisjärvi
  • Ruukki
  • Sievi
  • Siikajoki
  • Utajärvi
  • Vaala
  • Ylivieska

( 1,25 €/call +1,00 €/min +local network charge)

Please notice!

If you have the right to use a taxi and get reimbursed by Kela, please call
P: 0800 93150

Please be aware that if you book a taxi in some other way, Kela will not reimburse you for the trip. Calling Kela taxi is free of charge.