Taxi order, Oulu

OTAXI is the most traditional taxi in Oulu region. OTAXI provides widely taxi services and official Kela rides in the Oulu region. You can order the local taxi by calling (please add 358 for the country code if needed)

Tel. +358 600-30081

We serve you each day of the year, 24/7. Please inform when ordering, if you have any special needs, you travel with a small child needing child seat or you have a pet with you, or you wish to have a more ecological car. The passenger amount and an exact pick-up location are important for us to serve you in a best possible way.

If you wish to have an offer for several taxi rides or regular services, please contact the OTAXI office by sendin an e-mail to

Unfortunately, we cannot accept direct orders made by e-mail. OTAXI Oulu mobile application serves you likewise 24/7 each day and is free to download and use! Feel free to download the application already today.

For Apple phones, please download OTAXI APP from App Store.

For Android phones, please download OTAXI APP from Google Play store.

(Call prices 1,59 €/call + 0,48 €/min).

Price list