OTAXI OULU App – a Taxi in your phone

Order a taxi more easier, faster, and fluently, without any charges.

OTAXI OULU APP is an application, that assists you to order a taxi immediately or for the wished date and time. Application makes your travelling smooth and time-consuming. Ordering a taxi is fast and easy.

OTAXI App recognizes your current location and sends the closest driver to pick you up. You are able to follow up the arriving taxi on the map. Payment can be done by cash or credit card in the card, or alternatively by the application itself, when you have saved your credit card details on it.

You can download the application from Google Play or App Store – free of charge.

1. If you have an Apple phone, download the OTAXI APP from the App Store.

If you use an Android phone, download the OTAXI APP from the Google Play -store.

2. Create and save the needed personal information.

3. The opening view of the application.

4. The application recognizes your location and shows the available taxi cars on the map. You may move your location point freely around the map.

5. Order a taxi. By adding the wished destination you will receive an estimation of the fare price. After ordering a taxi, you can follow the arriving taxi on the map.

6. You can pay traditionally in the car or by cash or credit card. If you buy with the application, you will receive the receipt by e-mail.